91-A:2 III. A public body may, but is not required to, allow one or more members of the body to participate in a meeting by electronic or other means of communication for the benefit of the public and the governing body, subject to the provisions of this paragraph. (a) A member of the public body may participate in a meeting other than by attendance in person at the location of the meeting only when such attendance is not reasonably practical. Any reason that such attendance is not reasonably practical shall be stated in the minutes of the meeting. (b) Except in an emergency, a quorum of the public body shall be physically present at the location specified in the meeting notice as the location of the meeting. For purposes of this subparagraph, an "emergency'' means that immediate action is imperative and the physical presence of a quorum is not reasonably practical within the period of time requiring action. The determination that an emergency exists shall be made by the chairman or presiding officer of the public body, and the facts upon which that determination is based shall be included in the minutes of the meeting. (c) Each part of a meeting required to be open to the public shall be audible or otherwise discernable to the public at the location specified in the meeting notice as the location of the meeting. Each member participating electronically or otherwise must be able to simultaneously hear each other and speak to each other during the meeting, and shall be audible or otherwise discernable to the public in attendance at the meeting's location. Any member participating in such fashion shall identify the persons present in the location from which the member is participating. No meeting shall be conducted by electronic mail or any other form of communication that does not permit the public to hear, read, or otherwise discern meeting discussion contemporaneously at the meeting location specified in the meeting notice. (d) Any meeting held pursuant to the terms of this paragraph shall comply with all of the requirements of this chapter relating to public meetings, and shall not circumvent the spirit and purpose of this chapter as expressed in RSA 91-A:1. (e) A member participating in a meeting by the means described in this paragraph is deemed to be present at the meeting for purposes of voting. All votes taken during such a meeting shall be by roll call vote.

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9th Annual Great N.H. Pie Festival

  9th Annual Great N.H. Pie Festival™ September 24 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm   Just a few more days until the pie festival on Sunday at the New Hampshire Farm Museum, beginning at noon! Applications from entrants are coming in. Do you have a favorite recipe?  If you don’t bake, you can just […]

TPPA Announcement

    The Three Ponds Protective Association is announcing a new initiative to enhance communications. The goal is to provide more frequent and timely updates on TPPA’s activities and news. We are launching a FREE subscription email service that will deliver TPPA’s information right to your email box. To receive these announcements you will have […]

The Milton Historical Society needs your help

Preserving our history is one of the keys for our future. The Milton Historical Society is putting out a desperate plea for volunteers to help keep the group going. Volunteers are needed to join the group and to help with the cataloging artifacts that fill their society’s home at 56 Main Street in Milton Mills. […]

Milton Cub Scouts looking for new members

Sharing from the MiltonCub Scouts Facebook Page: We are looking for new Cub Scouts to join our Adventure! For Boys K-5th Grade. https://www.facebook.com/pack155/

Public Information Meeting on Townhouse Road Culvert 

Town of Milton Public Information Meeting on Townhouse Road Culvert  September 13, 2017 Milton Town Hall Public AGENDA 6:00 PM Welcome and Introductions, Project Overview – Milton Public Works Director Mr. Patrick Smith – Police Chief Krauss – Fire Chief Marique – Project Engineer – J Parker and Daughters Construction Company 6:15 PM Public questions […]

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