No confidence

In light of recent history, I cant say I understand the motivation of Mr Gray’s RTK requests as it would seem to be a very high risk move on his part, but as this “story” and its very many previously undisclosed sub plots begin to finally unfold in public view, keep in mind that the Board of Selectmen have very little, if any, lawful reasons to be involved, in any way, with the daily functions and operations of town administration / “town hall”.

Mr Gray, if you recall, had expressed a strong desire for becoming the Town Administrator following the dubious dismissal of Interim Town Administrator, Jeremy Bourgeois. The circumstances surrounding Mr Gray’s intentions and the subsequent actions of the Board still for many, remain a question of morally sound and lawful, prudent judgement.

Mr Beaulieu took it upon himself following the dismissal to appoint himself as “acting” Town Administrator for the several months before the arrival of the current administrator. I doubt, given some of his irrational public outbursts, that he is properly equipped to manage the sensitive affairs of personal issues as required of the position.

It is presumed that it was during this tenure that HR issues began getting out of hand and remained unresolved to a point at which we are now beginning to realize has placed the Town in a very precarious legal situation.

Mr Rawson, while I believe is properly motivated in doing the work of Selectman, has inadvertently added fuel to the fire with his public disregard to private matters during both the discussions of the Board of Selectmen and most recently, right here on FB.

I am thoroughly convinced there is much to this latest saga of “As Milton Churns” that we havent yet become aware of, and I am, and have been, concerned, the Board will act hastily try to put this behind them by once again throwing their Town Administrator, who they hired, under the bus by pointing fingersof “blame” in that direction in an effort to preserve what little respect they can still muster.

I encourage everyone to pay attention to all the “minor” details that will undoubtedly be quickly publicly brushed aside as I am convinced there is yet more to come to light.

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