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Awhile back, I brought up the issue of warrant article #7 – to approve step pay plan – and stated that I wouldnt support it on the grounds that as an elected official the Public Works Director was also unlawfully included among the proposed pay raises. I also stated that though I didnt recall voting for it during the budget process, if I found that I had, I would apologise for approving it.

Guess what…..I did vote in favor of it, so…
Im sorry.

Its a BAD warrant article for a good cause. Unfortunately, to approve it is to either take one third of the proposed amount AWAY from the employees who need the pay increase, OR, its unnecessarily taking $4000+ from taxpayers who could find better legal ways to put that money to work, depending on how you want to look at it.

I have no idea as to whom Selectman Beaulieu was referring to in his vague and cryptic online comments about a budget committee member shortly after the deliberative session as he never stood up and said, nor do I have any idea as to which video he implored everyone to watch, because again, he never stood up and said, but after a personal friend of mine challenged me to find out for sure as to how I voted, I checked….and I was proven mistaken

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