Everything I need to know, I learned in Pre-Algebra…

==Only At Scentimental Resale==

The multiply/divide sign rule:

  • If the 2 numbers you are multiplying or dividing. have the SAME sign (+,+ or -,-) then the result is POSITIVE.
  • If the 2 numbers you are multiplying or dividing. have DIFFERENT signs (+,- or -,+) then the result is NEGATIVE


Lets assume:

  • A represents a desired object of “good intention”
  • B represents the means to achieving that object
  • C represents the actual outcome

A good idea (A) that holds the potential for generating a “common good” within a democratic community or governmental process is ultimately bound by the means to implement it (B); therefore, there exists an imperative to follow the prescribed applicable processes.

To ignore, expedite, or otherwise alter a prescribed process  creates a “moral hazard” (-B)  to which the outcome will be experienced as an “unintended consequence” (-C) that will succeed in only creating undue harm or misfortune towards that which the “good intention” (A) was initially intended and to others as well.

Rinse and repeat…and with each successive generation of unintended consequences (-C2, 3, 4), we find ourselves deep inside the rabbit hole where our collective assets and resources are consumed by our past at the expense of both present concerns and future plans.

As we are today…


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