Support Milton,Support our Schools

The Milton Schools have come a long way.   With the help of a New SAU Administrator, and keen intelligent School Board members, in the last year the Milton School Department has made some amazing strides in improving the financial situation.    What was once a burgeoning budget has now been reduced to a minimum increase. 

Special Needs requirements which are mandated are a big portion of the increase this year as always.   There is little if anything that can be done in this area, except to reduce as much spending as possible in all areas in hopes of maintaining a workable school system.

The Loss of Wakefield NH from the local SAU 64 has provided some unique challenges.   These have been met head on by the Board and Administrations in moving forward with reduced costs for the new School Administration System.

The Teachers contract was another challenge that has been met head on with a minimal impact as well.

Milton teachers are the lowest paid in the surrounding area. Their contract for the last two years did not include a wage increase. We need to ensure that our good teachers remain in Milton, not leave to a neighboring town for a more competitive salary.

Additional monies are requested for Capital Improvement programs which is an important part of the budgeting process.  In the most general sense, a capital improvement is something that has a high cost and a useful life of several years, in contrast with regular operations and maintenance, which generally have a lower cost and occur on a more frequent basis.

By supporting our schools we are supporting Milton.   Without an adequate School System in place we have less to offer for families when considering Milton as their home.

Support our schools and support Milton.

Les Elder

Milton NH

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