Remember Rand Pauls “Read The Bill” Act?

I just completed my one year term on the Milton NH Budget Committee and have foolishly run for, and have since been elected to, a subsequent 3 year term.

The 2017 Budget process was seriously delayed at the “proposal” phase, which in turn forced the Budget Committee to review the budget requests at the 11th hour. I had stated in private conversation and in public, I believe, that as a committee member I had “fallen behind” in my research at the point where it was most needed and expected. I ultimately made the critical mistake of approving a budget item, Warrant Article 7, based on the face value of the public presentation without first taking the time to give it serious examination. It was recommended by the committee with a vote of 8 – 0.

Despite my feeble attempt to “make right” after the fact by pointing out in public the serious flaws of the request, the Warrant Article was approved by the voters 299 -227

It was a “rookie” mistake that WONT happen again.