These Are the Questions Susan Rice Needs to Answer: New at Reason

Susan Rice should answer some questions to clear up her role in consuming intelligence gathered on Donald Trump's campaign and transition team.

David Harsanyi writes:

The House Intelligence Committee reportedly wants former national security adviser Susan Rice to testify in the probe of alleged Russian election interference, which now includes evidence that Obama officials may have improperly used intelligence gathered on President Trump's transition team.

We've been incessantly assured there's nothing to this story. Perhaps. This week, though, Rice felt the need to seek out a friendly face in NBC's Andrea Mitchell—although there were plenty to choose from—to tell us that she never improperly unmasked any Trump transition officials whose conversations were caught on surveillance.

Now, there are a number of worthy follow-ups that Mitchell forgot to ask. But since Rice says nothing unethical transpired, there should be no problem in her answering those queries under oath.

For instance: Why did you lie to PBS about having no knowledge of the unmasking of Trump officials or family?

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