Trump Is One Lazy President: New at Reason

TrumpColumnist Steve Chapman, no fan of President Donald Trump, analyzes the man's lack of drive and considers what it might mean for his political ventures:

It was always clear that Trump does not like putting himself out. At the height of the general election campaign, he averaged only one event per day. Over two months leading up to the Iowa caucuses, Reuters reported, Ted Cruz did some three dozen events; Trump did eight. He insisted on flying home to New York almost every night of the campaign to sleep in his own bed.

We've also known Trump is intellectually lazy. He admitted last year that he has never read a biography of a president, citing a lack of time—even though he claims to sleep no more than five hours a night. Tony Schwartz, who ghostwrote The Art of the Deal, has said, "I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life."

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