Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Wouldn’t Be the First for North Korea: New at Reason

U.S. Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis warned that the Kim Jong-un regime's actions risk the "destruction of its people" President Trump promised "fire and fury" against North Korea "like the world has never seen." But of course the North Korean people have seen their share of fire and fury at the hands of the U.S military. It happened almost 70 years ago, when Harry Truman, another president who went ga-ga over generals, unleashed America's savage vengeance during the Korean War.

It's called the "forgotten war," but even when it wasn't forgotten, few Americans realized how brutally the United States treated people that posed no threat whatever to Americans, writes Sheldon Richman. This devastation was wreaked by so-called conventional weapons. No nuclear weapons were used, as they had been only a few years earlier in nearby Japan. But this is not to say their use was not contemplated. The Truman war council discussed using atomic bombs just two weeks after the war started, and later publicly threatened to use all weapons at America's disposal.

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