Fighting for the Freedom to Wear a Bikini While Serving Coffee: New at Reason

BikiniFood policy expert (and Seattle resident) Baylen Linnekin drove over to Everett, Wash., to visit some espresso stands affected by new city ordinances designed to stop women from wearing bikinis on the job and the lawsuit to try to stop enforcement:

[Jovanna] Edge, who describes herself as "very conservative," tells me she and her co-plaintiffs filed suit because the city "enacted this dress code that was obviously against our First and Fourteen Amendment rights, and we shouldn't have to abide by their morals and values. They shouldn't be able to infringe upon everybody else's beliefs."

She told me she was shocked by the city law.

"I can't believe this actually passed," Edge said. "I never thought it would."

Shocking, too, is some of the language in the law. For example, I'd never heard the term "anal cleft" until reading about the lawsuit.

"I still don't know what that is" Edge tells me. "Our attorneys didn't know what that is. I think it's the part right above your butt crack. But I really don't know."

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